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So what was Jefferson's view?

So what was Jefferson's view? That the majority vote is only legitimate to run someone's life, if one's grandparents were originally unaminously in agreement with the laws? Then the laws are legitimate 100s of years later? But, no... because as you say laws are for the living, a democratic majority can just change them at any time, and you have to agree even if you don't?

As for my intent with the scenario, one of the points is that a private law society would have to have a means of maintaining its rules as people are born into the society, so that those who didn't want to accept those laws are not permitted membership. This is the same as any society, the only difference being whether there's actually an explicit rather than implicit agreement, and whether the original population unanimously consented to the laws or simply had majority consent. But once that generation is passed, the state of affairs is voluntary as long as those born into it chose to accept the laws and not leave.