Comment: I do not completely agree with that

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I do not completely agree with that

"You do not need the consent of a criminal to punish him"

Historically under scenarios where law was properly applied this was not the case. Consent was needed for due process. The thing is if a criminal did not consent to due process then it was interpreted that criminal had chosen to give up the protections of law by living outside of law and thus had voluntarily become an outlaw.

Once an outlaw it was of no issue to courts what happen to the criminal outlaw. The outlaw could even be killed in broad daylight in public with no issues to the killer because the outlaw would not even be interpreted as an accuser because they were not part of law.

So you are correct that you don't need the criminal's consent to punish them for acts against you but the court does need his consent because that is the law the men in the court's have obliged themselves to.

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