Comment: There are other models for a private government

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There are other models for a private government

The basic problem of a private government is we need to people to fulfill the positive obligations which the government requires to function (e.g. paying taxes), but we forbid the government from violating the NAP to force them to meet those obligations.

There are different models for private governments defined by different strategies for getting the people to fulfill those positive obligations. In the model that BILL outlines in the OP, the strategy is to arrange things contractually such that citizens have to physically vacate the territory if they don't meet their obligations.

Here's another strategy. From a libertarian point of view, the ultimate purpose of a private government is to provide security: at the very least it would adjudicate disputes and enforce those judgments. You can deny people those services if they refuse to meet their obligations. A person with no access to the justice system is a de facto outlaw: he has no protection of law. He will be a target for criminals. Hence a person would have a strong incentive to meet his obligations in order to retain access to those services.

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