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Subtlety? Me?

Haha. I'm not capable of subtlety. I can hardly communicate my true message clearly most of the time, let alone try to get on by on you.

As far as "the bindingness of the NAP..." I don't know that ANY moral constraints that we place upon ourselves in any way; have this "bindingness" that you refer to.

Even laws that we punish harshly for; yeah under the current system, they guy will serve a prison sentence or even face the death penalty. But is that prison sentence somehow "binding" on his soul?

So I don't think this perceived "bindingness" is the key to determining which value system is correct.

The following is not "binding" or anything: But the "correct" value system would seem to be: "the value system that no one could make a valid argument against."

So a society that proposes "property rights are valid" also proposes the NAP to go along with it, and there is no argument that an individual could make to society that would convince the group that property rights and the NAP are void.