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My 15 years in the Army 70s-late 80s


In fact when had the occasion to observe and or talk to any human rank officer Full Colonel and above they seemed to be NOT human. Tyrant is the word in my minds eye that best described the feeling I always got around these higher military ranked people. I felt as if they did not see others as humans any more, power tripping evil people.

I was a SFC higher ranked non commissioned officer for 9 of those 15 years to give you a little perspective of my observations.

Promotions in the officer ranks are not based upon who is the best or most qualified military officer they were based upon written assessment reports by the ranking person in charge during the officers career at various posts, and the political connections the officer had to influence those who decide about who gets promoted at higher ranks this becomes congress at 1 star Brig Gen I believe.

During my career I also had occasion to rub shoulders with some of the ZIO Lieutenants and Captains, officers who came for training. Very arrogant (they were sloppy and rude) They were full of themselves, supremacists that looked down their noses much the same as the higher ranked American officers acted.

These observations were made before I had any concern or knowledge of who the Rothschild family and their criminal followers of Zionist henchmen were.