Comment: The irony here is every single one of those points.

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The irony here is every single one of those points.

Was something we did in our early republic. What are the odds. Hell you can answer most of those with -- "What happened to all the natives in north and south America"?. Was it settlers heading westward that did it ?

How many people here are aware Mexico city was built directly on top of the Aztec capital? Did settlers do that ? Or government?

What about all the natives in Canada. Or is there any even left ?

If you're ever going to be someone to support government you need to at least understand that they are the ultimate destructive force. Secondly unless you want to seem intellectually dishonest -- you might want to say you understand that they are a necessary evil... lol

300+ million dead last century ? Was that homesteading ? No, no, I don't think it was.

Lastly don't you find it ironic you want a government small enough to choke out but BIG ENOUGH to be able to chock you out ? How can you feed and kill something at the same time is beyond my imagination.

It's like joining the nazi party hoping to inject some contrarian thoughts. Good luck.