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Sarah Hamil Bajc (Can't access right now, but I've looked through it before)

Employment History
Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director
Tescom Ltd

Tescom is one of the world's leading independent software testing & QA consultancies. With over 600 consultants around the globe dedicated exclusively to Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing, the Tescom Solution delivers improvements you can see and results you can measure. As a part of our growing organization, you will be required to build new contacts and generate new business in the testing market for clients, across the Financial, e-Commerce, Energy, New Media and Telco sectors. Our business is dedicated to delivering the Tescom solution as an outsourced service to end clients.

"Daily Entertainment News"

Sarah then became managing director at Tescom in Tel Aviv, Israel, becoming a partner of CxO Partners in 2006; moved to China in 2007 where she became Business Director at Microsoft China and Senior VP at HiSoft Technology International Ltd. in 2009

Can't access TESCOMUS. Can access Isreali site, but can't read it. TESCOM Asia Pacific "under contstruction".

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