Comment: Glad I got here in time to make the cut :)

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Glad I got here in time to make the cut :)

I agree with the folks below who suggested allowing new paying members to the site. Even if its a one time membership fee just to join the site. Lets say $5 will get you a username, and the ability to join in. Of coarse you can still have the normal memberships too, in case people would still like to show their support on a monthly basis. I cant really see too many trolls forking out 5 bucks just to come here and cause trouble.. and if they do, and are banned, i don't really see them putting in another $5 to continue. This will surely help the mods in curbing the problem with trolls, yet still allowing those who wish to join the chance to do so. And if people generally don't wont to pay, well they can just stay non members, but at least they will have to choice, and those who truly want to join wont lose out.

Being a member of this site has literally changed my life. I can honestly say that, and it has certainly been for the better. I would be sorry to see others not being able to have the same chance.

I completely understand where your coming from Michael, in making your decisions thus far. I would be going bonkers too if i were in your position. But, you should consider the new generation of followers that could possibly have the chance to join this great community, even if it means showing a little monetary love. Keep up the good work though. I dont know what I'd do without this place.

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