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I do create campfires; and no

I do create campfires; and no it doesn't take very long at all. I cannot help it if you are incapable.

I never said that a campfire was the "best" form of lighting ever, however, you mentioned several other forms of lighting which are also primitive. I find it quite telling that you list time consuming primitive methods for light, but you conveniently leave out the more energy efficient primitive method of light. You are just trying to justify people keeping you afloat, because your existence depends on other people continuously buying your crap.

I thought people who supported Dr. Paul were not dependents; since independence is the only truly Freeing technology we have. If you are dependent; you are a slave.

Damn early humans, they had it so great. Life was so easy then that if they were extremely lucky they might even make it to age 30. Then the engineers just had to go and make everything suck!

I cannot help it that you need to cherry-pick information to convey what you believe to be true; that is the problem inherent in the difference between belief and reality. The process which you utilized is related to lying.