Comment: Seeing if they could pull it off.

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Seeing if they could pull it off.

Captain says good night and signs out. Moments later, Captain to co-captain. "We seem to have lost control of the plane. It seems to be flying itself."

The most advanced weapon and semiconductor research on the planet being done by Freescale (formerly a division of Motorola) and part of the Carlyle Group (comprising one of the most sinister military industrial entities on the globe) has numerous high level people on this plane. Nighttime flight set up perfect to attempt the first electronic hijacking of a commercial flight, simply turning it into a remote controlled drone. Add the cloaking technology that has only become incredibly more sophisticated from the development of the SR-71 Blackbird and other stealth planes and it is entirely possible. Now nearly a month to fabricate whatever scenario whoever was responsible for this to guide their ultimate agenda.

Whatever happened, you can be assured governments will use it to take away from freedoms and ramp up security and control of the movement of people around the globe.