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For the 3rd time now...

I didn't assemble those figures. I sited the source.

This is now the THIRD time I've stated this!

If you feel those figures were cherrypicked to omit other primitive lighting options, you're free to contact Mr. Ridley and ask him about it.

Just hypothesizing: it's possible that he didn't consider a campfire to be comparable to those other light sources (lamp, candle, lamp). Unlike campfires, they are easy to turn on and off, didn't need to be tended, and created a smooth constant light suitable for reading. People DID use them, so they must offer something a campfire doesn't.

I'm fine admitting that I've never been able to build a campfire with NO EQUIPMENT (no match, no lighter, no firestarter, etc.). If you honestly do that regularly, then all the props to you. I'm a little suspect that's actually the case, but I'll take your word for it.

Also in my post, I clearly stated I am no longer an engineer and haven't been for several years. I have nothing to gain if you buy my previous companies' products. In fact, I never even said which companies I worked for or which brands to buy...curious, don't you think, if my intention was to get you to buy stuff from me? Actually, when did I ever even try to convince anyone to buy anything at all? Frankly, I don't care what you buy. Turn off your electricity and live by campfire light if you want. You're free to make your own choices as far as I'm concerned.

Lastly, don't ever fucking call me a liar. You can call me wrong until you're blue in the face, but you and I have a real problem when you call me a liar.