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I think I was 6 the first time I rode on Disney's "It's a small workld after all". There are tons of films and vid, and TV/docymentaruies, international students/workers, jokes... American has been called a cultural melting pot, but before 911 peoplew wanted to be American, and we have our own culture, which is a blend of many.

One of the worldly lessons of the Roman Catholic Church is governments come and government go. Empires rise, and empires fall. There are missions that are far older than the US.. and so these people were Mexican, and then became American, and maybe they will become Mexican again? Maybe Canadian? Maybe some new Union?

I thiunk many Americans understand that we live in an oil energy based economy, and that America energy corporations made agreements with kings and global leaders who are not good to their people, and so the people depend on Islam, which varies in it's own cults, and clashes.. Sharia courts, Halal, Clothing police, and Johad/martyr.. the suicide bombing, that target American investments, that call on military to help.

You think that if we know Arab cukture's (the video they made pointed out that Arabs have many cultures because they live globally) better, we won't bomb them for attacking American investments? Ron Paul voted to bomb Afghanistan. Plenty of Arabs there,, even the Arab, OBL.