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Cherry-picking data points to

Cherry-picking data points to illustrate what you want to illustrate, is equivalent to lying; whether you like it or not. I don't care who made the data which you used, you deliberately used it to reflect a point while leaving out omitted data which contradicts the point you were trying to make.

While I don't always use a Bow-drill or rocks to start the fire, I due typically use flint, as apposed to lighters and other items. I do, however, carry lighters and water-proof matches with me in my EDC bag, and my Vehicle Emergency bag, and especially when I go camping which is several times a year.

if my intention was to get you to buy stuff from me? Actually, when did I ever even try to convince anyone to buy anything at all?

You are not here selling a physical item -and that was not what I implied- you are selling a process, by trying to justify planned obsolescence and then blame it on the consumer who has no input whatsoever in the manufacture of the item. The consumers only have a choice of which piece of crap they buy, they don't have a choice over whether they buy a quality item or a piece of crap that is determined by the designing companies.