Comment: Contradiction in one question?

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Contradiction in one question?

"Why Are Americans Paying to Be Searched, Spied On, Shot At and Robbed Blind by the Government?"

If people are paying into an investment then each of those investors can be asked to accurately account for their interest in doing so.

If their interest is to be searched, spied on, shot at, and robbed blind by other people, then they may or may not be satisfied with the returns on their investments, each can be asked if they are, or are not, satisfied with their investments.

If the term "robbed blind" means that a crime was perpetrated upon an innocent victim by a guilty criminal, then that meaning behind that term can be explained as that meaning behind that term.

If a crime is perpetrated by a guilty criminal upon an innocent victim then that is how that guilty criminal defines government upon that innocent victim in that case.

That would be a case where government is defined as a crime in progress as the guilty criminal perpetrates robbery upon the innocent victim.

Government = crime.

How is that not a contradiction all rolled up into one single question?

How is that not a case of aiding and abetting the criminals by helping the criminals cover up their crimes with a false meaning of the word government?