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Also worth noting

is the danger of RP supporters and/or DP members loudly, erroneously and regularly being called racists, Jew Haters, Jihadists, Neo-Nazis etc. just for being critical of U.S. and U.S /Israel Foreign policy.

There are those on this forum that have stated they have lists of screen names they think are Neo Nazis and also those that are admitted supporters and contributors to ADL (which lists us as 'potential terrorists'.)

Statements such as "I would have to tell anyone that asks.. that RP supporters and DP are Jew Haters." These are serious accusations being thrown about almost daily that I take strong objection to- especially in this political climate, and not to be continuously ignored as they have been. Those types of false accusations are potentially putting people at real risk.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.