Comment: Prayed for you...

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Prayed for you...

...on my commute home, freiheit. You might find it odd that I would be encouraged by your post; but by that I mean that I see in you a heart honestly facing up to its situation and crying out to rid itself of all that would stand between you and Love, between yourself and the person you were meant to be. And with that desire, if you place your confidence in the Son who is the very demonstration of such Love, you can be sure He will lead you out of that wilderness into victory over time.

It won't be an instantaneous perfection, of course -- you'll face a continual struggle of picking up your cross and dethroning the Self and becoming the Servant as He is -- but through Him, through dying to Self and being raised in new life as He has died and was raised, you will be reconciled to Love!

Honestly, both your post here and the recent one by BStep have helped me focus on areas in my own life I need to yield to following and obeying Love rather than just talking about it; so I thank you for your honesty and heartfelt sharing. And I will continue to pray for you, too.


A book that has helped me renew my focus on Love and all its meaning:

Unspoken Sermons by George MacDonald.