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I look forward to the dialogue.

Samantha's father was born in Shanghai in the 1920's. He lived through the Japanese invasion, the civil war, and ultimately the Communist revolution in 1949.

He was "drafted" by the Nationalists, aka the Kuomintang or the KMT as they're known for short. By "drafted" it means he was walking down the street one day when a gang of thugs came along and said, "You're with us now."

The KMT was born of the Revolution of 1911, when Dr. Sun Yat Sen overthrew the old imperial dynastic order and formed the Republic of China on the Mainland, which was ultimately overthrown by the Communists in the counterrevolution of 1949.

Luckily - if you can call it that - it was the KMT that grabbed him and not the Communists, because eventually he ended up in Taiwan, and not in Communist China.

The communists put the KMT on the run, and they retreated to Taiwan. There they formed The Republic of China on Taiwan in 1949, with the intention of eventually going back to recapture the mainland.

Well, that never happened.

As Mao is rumored to have said, A revolution is not a dinner party.

There are stages to revolution. There comes the push and then the counterpush: The revolution and the counterrevolution. The rule of law gets thrown out the window. It becomes a free for all.

That is why there is so much consternation over a potential Constitutional Convention: Open the door a crack, and it blows right off the hinges and the tornado sweeps through everything.

Maybe that is necessary. But don't think that just because you want it to turn out a certain way that it will. A revolution is a war for ideological dominance, and all is fair in war. The mindset of war is that the end justifies the means.

Are you prepared for that? War is just an extension of politics.

More food for thought on the nature of revolution:

Again, thanks for sharing! I look forward to hearing more.

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