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I'll Chime In

Years ago a bought a '74 VW Beetle down south - somewhere in GA as I recall, southern cars generally have less rust that the buckets you get up north.

Anyway I was working in GA and drove it around down there for several months. The GA "Antique" plate I had on it was stolen one night. I reported it to the police and got it replaced at the DMV no problem.

Then weeks later I drove the car home to Ohio, and ran out of gas on I-75 in Cincinnati late at night (fuel gauge was defective - what a shocker, I know). Cop pulls up behind me, asks if I need help, I say yeah out of gas. He says he ran the plate and it came back the car was stolen. I say, no that's gotta be a mistake, the plate was stolen not the car, show him my ID and the paperwork and it's all in order.

He coulda been a Barney Fife letter-of-the-law wanker, detained me there and impounded the car until the computer data got sorted - somehow - and I was dreading the hassle.

But no, he's says get in I'll get you fixed up. He takes me and my jerry can in his cruiser down to the closest gas station. It wasn't exactly the nicest area of town so I wasn't sure what the reception would be, Cincy cops can be known as hard a**es to the locals especially those with darker shades of skin, but it all worked out. He takes me back to the VW, helps me get the car gassed up and started and off I go. Shucks, I call that public service, dontcha know.