Comment: Written by a libertarian, so it may be dismissed

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Written by a libertarian, so it may be dismissed

It's not written by someone who saw the light. It's written by one of the lights. Everything Boaz wrote was true...but is it going to be read by the typical political junkie?

Interesting that he mentions "1984" as a new best-seller. I picked it out from my personal collection of dead tree books about a month ago as something to read while on a 4 day trip. I'd read it years and years ago and thought I knew it well enough to be a simple romp through memory-land. It turned out to be a mind bender.

One Party
Continuous War
Deleted records/manipulated history
Changing alliances: fighting Al Quaeda, allies with Al Quaeda
Constant surveillance
TSA body-language/face-expression interpreters
Militarized police
FBI stings to create terrorists
Indefinite detention, disappearing people
Michelle Obama's lunch program
Obsesssion with sports
Manipulated emotions toward other countries
Computer screens that watch you

The things above were predicted by Orwell. Still to happen are show trials, general alcoholism, Day of Hate.

I read "1984" as an easy walk through memories of college. It became a general survey of the present, and a foreboding of the future.