Comment: Geez this country keeps getting worse !

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Geez this country keeps getting worse !

Just sitting here in my office this morning, pondering the complexities of the universe, while simultaneously perusing over the DP, and happened upon this post and it got me wondering. Would "law enforcement" officers still be viable if automobiles were not our primary form of transportation? Other than stopping motorists for burnt out license plate bulbs,and tending to an occasional accident, what else do they really do? Other than to harass and intimidate? Surely their numbers would be substantially diminished were teleportation ever to become reality.They are rarely ever present when the mere act of their presence might make a difference. Case in point.A push notification just came over my phone from our local Pittsburgh TV station stating that a stabbing just occurred in a High School in Murrysville Pa.Apparently, there are at least 8 wounded children at this moment.Beyond sad ! This forced me to immediately attempt to understand how this could have happened? Since the late 80's, we have seen our schools militarized with SRO's(school resource officers),body scanners, metal detectors,surveillance cameras that are capable of processing a ginger's freckle count,zero tolerance policy, etc,etc, ad nauseum ! I suppose my point is, with all of this intrusion into Americans lives and freedoms, how is this still possible? I do believe it is time for a serious reset ! It is impossible to stupid proof every aspect of human life. There will always be those who will be inclined to do harm to others and no amount of high tech gadgetry or Nazi SS presence will ever insulate every person from every crime. I do believe, however, that our so called leaders could impact this somewhat in leading by example! When our children are incessantly lied to and grow up believing that our government can do no wrong and that targeted killings of women and children in far off foreign lands by robotic flying death machines are the acceptable norm, nothing good can ever come of that. I suppose we reap what we sow.

Jack Rose