Comment: S. 744

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S. 744

At a cost of more than $25 Billion to implement, S. 744 has 32 occurrences of "Biometric" within the text of the bill.

I believe in a free society, the great "melting pot". Working toward eliminating social welfare would resolve many of the problems associated with immigration. People need to provide for their families. People should work and become productive members of their communities.

IMO, this "immigration reform" is setting us up for something that I do not want; once "Biometrics" is implemented, tptb will claim that some are "slipping through the cracks", and in order to differentiate "us" from "them", all Americans will be required to be biometrically ID'd.

There are already laws on the books which are purposefully NOT enforced. Say NO to any/all "immigration reform", until the actual problems are addressed.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul