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Comment: I believe you may be wrong on the raw cannabis

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I believe you may be wrong on the raw cannabis

Yes. You are right. Raw cannabis will not get you high; however there is plenty of experiential observation with users who choose to ingest raw cannabis. I would like to continue this discussion further with you, as I too live in a legal state.

I was just eating young flowers a few days ago, and I really feel that it helps my poor dietary choices- specifically Colorado Microbrews- Modus Hoperandi. If I drink more than one, I can really feel the arthritis I've developed in numerous areas- especially my hands. The alcohol, sugars, and gluten are the culprits- I smoke non-stop, but really when I ingest the leaves raw, I feel alert without coffee jitters and as if my joints are well oiled.

I also ingest cannabis oil with coconut oil. I don't decarboxylate it anymore than it has been already. I extract my own oil and it sits on a double boiler with a quick blast from a propane torch. I keep it from getting too hot because then you'll degrade the sensitive terpene profile (next topic).

you're spot on with your cannabinoids. Also with your shot glass make sure its not sitting on the bottom of the pan, as it will be hotter than just the water bath. Maybe you use a thermometer (IDK), not criticizing just wanna help move some information with you :)

However, I went back to re-read and it seems like you contradict yourself with: EATING RAW CANNABIS WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH, AND WILL NOT ALLOW FOR MAXIMUM MEDICINAL BENEFITS

and: THCA: tetrahydrocannbinolic acid. This is the most abundant phytocannabinoid found in cannabis. It is non-psychoactive. The molecule is identical to THC with the exception of a Carboxylic acid (COOH) group attached to it. It appears to hold great promise as an anti-oxidant and it's full medical benefits are still yet to be shown through scientific study. Once inside the body, there is almost zero conversion of THCA into THC, meaning the value of the medicine can be realized without the "high" that users experience.

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