Comment: I have to comment on this

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I have to comment on this

Everyone should be aware that the science on this is very mixed. There is actually a lot of scientific papers (not just random websites making stuff up) that have looked at cannabis physiologically. For example it seems that ingestion before age 18 can significantly reduce IQ (

I'm not trying to argue or prove you wrong but I noticed that from all your sources, it all goes back to one scientific journal entry that isnt a conclusive study at all, (it just discusses potential of cannabis).

As a scientist in a rigorous field, I have found out how often "scientific facts" are very hard to find, and critical thinking must be applied when we read any article no matter the credentials. Nature isnt as simple as we would like her to be.

I guess what I'm suggesting is, dig into the literature. There are lots of scientific papers out there on this subject. Look into them. Don't just go to pro-pot websites. This isn't my area of expertise so i don't have the interest to research it but i would interested what someone found from a thorough scientific review of what we know.