Comment: I don't see it continuing here..

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I don't see it continuing here..

The lack of support for Rand on a blog site named for his father and what his father believes in. No, He's being tested , tempered and honed by us all. However... and I truly believe this, Michael !!!
Once the campaigning starts the old Ron Paul crowds, Michael included will start to embrace the chip off the ole block. Rand will bring more folks into the fold since they haven't labeled him an old crazy kook. Isn't that what it's about? More folks believing as we do. Also, When Dr. Paul starts to stump and campaign on Rand's behalf and when we all realize that a Ron Paul type comes around only once in our lifetime, then we'll realize that no one can be 100% Ideally or logically in line with each of us. Then and only then will we all start to act like his father and our political mentor.
So lets keep his feet to the fire, lets keep bumping his rudder if we think he needs a course correction but lets not forget what our goal is.