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Are you on Crack? Maybe we

Are you on Crack? Maybe we wouldn't have had Iraq -which I highly doubt, but we most certainly would now have the Carbon Credit system, which would have driven energy prices through the roof; because Al Gore was and is pushing that, because it will make him a Billionaire.

I find it interesting that you use Al Gore's useless words as a method to determine his future policies. Al Gore and Bill Clinton were all for the PATRIOT ACT when it was called the OMNIBUS COUNTERTERRORISM ACT OF 1995, which is where the PATRIOT ACT came from -funny thing is that Bill was introduced into the Senate by Joe Biden.

Also, Al Gore would have most certainly had kept the Semi-Auto weapons ban in effect, and may have had New York Gun laws as a Federal Mandate.

We would have had even worse lending practices for those who couldn't afford the loans; thereby worsening the collapse of '08.

Whatever differences you believe there were between AG and GWB, the outcome would have been the same; we would be in a economic crisis, we would be trillions in debt, and we would have been in wars. The wars were a pretense for the absurd expansion of government; Democrats would have never abandoned that. As far as 911 goes, it was most-likely done by non-elected individuals; it would have taken more than a few months to design it, set it up and execute it. If you recall, GWB and DC were only in office for about 7 months before 911 happened; not enough time.

I find it interesting that you think there would have been much of a difference between the two 'Puppets' which were SELECTED for you to choose from.