Comment: Rand should attack them even further.

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Rand should attack them even further.

Rand should attack them even further. This would be smart strategy for several reasons.


. A lot of voters have short memories. It is important to discredit the Bush Administration in the minds of people all over again throughout the next year (starting now), as reckless & inappropriate leaders and not good for the Country .... as Jeb Bush gets ready to run for President. Without this, any Bush is a "brand name" in politics, and a lot of Americans will just vote for him without thinking (just as they did for his dumb, half-retarded brother).

. If Rand wants to win the GOP nomination, he needs to reshape public opinion within the GOP in his favor ... about what kind of defense policies make sense, and what kind of policies are totally reckless and morally treacherous. It will take a long, long time to convert the minds of many GOP voters -- who have become used to revering any Military action as necessarily 'heroic', and regarding any diplomacy as an act of 'weakness'. Rand needs to also define the big difference between actual defense, and excessive militarism and military adventurism.

. The more public attention that is put now on the Iraq War Lies, and Human Torture -- the more and more people will repudiate it and decide not to go down that path again (or follow those who supported it all). Rand should shine a big, big spotlight on this ... and keep it in the spotlight & News Cycle. Let Cheney and Bolton fume away and look silly (and corrupt) by trying to defend themselves. This is ultimately good for the GOP, and for Rand to hold up the facts high ... and have that win out over all the War & Torture propaganda.


Rand should now exploit this debate, and take it up a notch. This is what real leaders do. They reshape the political landscape and force orthodoxy into retreat and repudiation.

Pedal to the metal.