Comment: We harness petroleum

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We harness petroleum

We harness petroleum resources, yet our insatiability and crippling dependence on oil has absolutely led to the decimation of local and large-scale ecologies as we plunge forward to tap abundances that are dangerously positioned and susceptible to natural disaster, i.e. Deepwater Horizon.

So true, and think about the other ways that petroleum has impacted civilization. Our great grandparents lived very different lives than we do. They were not nearly so mobile as we. Most lived in the same place their entire lives. Their interactions with their neighbors and communities were far different than ours, especially those of us living in cities where we rarely know our neighbors. Our great grandparents knew their neighbors.

Many scientists suggest that we've reached peak oil. What happens now if a suitable replacement isn't found? Do we eventually revert to the lives of immobility of our great grandparents, and if so, how will society change?

Big, big change is potentially on the horizon.

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