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You didn't immigrate

to Montana,you emigrated
but that is not what I asked,I asked why you changed the words from the op
and then used a different word in your comment.That was all i asked
in legal terms both them words mean something different
Illegal immigrant,ones here illegally,but you know who uses them words to define immigrants? the MSM,the fed gov,and any and all who want to cloud the issue of what is illegal and what isn't,and you did just that,you used the feds own words to change the narrative on this topic.
An illegal immigrant here is illegally, hence the word illegal.they did not migrate here legally.we as a nation of people do not have the right to own what the illegals have the right to in our own country.
So you are suggesting the interstate commerce clause includes people?
Is commerce people? in your eyes?I guess they can be,but that might mean which lens are you looking out of.
since when has there been free trade between the states,without fed involvement? What you are are suggesting is that clause can regulate people.if people are commerce,than yes,we can be sold on the stock market,and we can be used as collateral on a never ending false debt.
Look I didn't make the rules,and other nations do not have to honor the rules from here,but there are rules,and it is high time to set the playing field straight,and a start would be being able to live where you want to.get the benefits out of it all,then let the people decide where they want to live,then leave them alone.
You can define anything you want to,but it should be factual...right?
you emigrated from CAL to MT
immigrants move to another country,usually for permanent residence..or it is an organism found in a new habitat..take your pick

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