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kindred spirit

I have said what i wanted to say,hopefully it was understood
i don't worry about man made rules,especially here,you see,many have gotten away with personal attacks,ad hom attacks,one even went so far as to find out where i live,what I posted in our paper,and the link to the paper i made a contribution to,it went on for years,there was nothing done about it,I don't take any of that personal but some did border stalking,and it did break a few of the rules here. BUt,yes there's always a BUT,we should help defend our own
one day soon,it will be me with my head on the block,or yourself,how would you feel if when you were going through your trying time,you were thrown out?
All this typing is wearing me out,tomorrow I will be sick and out of it,if I post something contrary,should I be left to the wolves? They do become what we despise,they have no choice in the matter,it is life,and we should not be eating our own,we should be better than that,and help them, one day it will be you or I.
We HAVE to stand together,we just have to..the granger has/had faults,we all do,but she does still have the ability to teach,this is a fact,i learned from her.Now if she needed help,she should have gotten it,not thrown only magnifies them feelings that all people have that tell them,they are unworthy,useless,a piece of crap...and maybe,they should just die.
Does this clear up my stance?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)