Comment: Good for this kid!

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Good for this kid!

I have to say that I have been in many, many, too many physical altercations and I have learned a few things...

1) In general bullies only physically beat on those who they think can't hurt them back. Why? Because they, themselves do not wish to be hurt. YES, bullies will learn NOT to put their hands on someone who breaks their face. But they may talk smack the rest of the time they know you...or not. I have made good friends with people once they learned the painful lesson of putting their hands on me.

2) You cannot control bad mouthing with violence. Getting bad mouthed or picked on verbally is beyond your direct control. Contrast this with physically defending yourself which is in your direct control. Learn to have thick skin and not allow the bad mouthing of children or other insignificant people to trouble you.