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Comment: Great turnout

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Great turnout

Came back from this now. It was an amazingly good turnout. Far more than I had expected, considering this is somewhat politically quiet period. (Yes, I know about the California governor election. But it hasn't become very high profile matter yet.) Of course, Ron Paul's talks aren't really political talks or much of campaign events. They're philosophical discussions.

The Cal State East Bay theater is a midsize auditorium on a community college campus. I was amazed to see that it was jam packed. From what I gathered, even more overflow crowd was watching live on a video link in a nearby room.

Ron Paul is 79 years old now if I'm not mistaken. But physical age is just a number. He looks nowhere close to an old tiring man. But there is absolutely no way he will himself be involved in any more running for elections. I reckon he will give speeches here and there for his son's campaign. But I can't imagine him subjecting himself to full election madness.

He spoke for a lot longer than alloted time. I estimate he went over by some 5 to 10 minutes. But it was definitely worth it. The subject of the talk was standard. The same conversation we've heard so many times before. But it was a previlege listening to him in person from so up-close.

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