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Comment: Omg! We're at the precipice now, brings me to tears.

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Omg! We're at the precipice now, brings me to tears.

One of these days someone's gonna lose it and put these tazing rangers out of their misery. Maybe they'll think twice about hurting citizens and breaking our Constitutional laws.
Mr. Bundy was on Pete Santilli yesterday and Alex Jones today. I gave up TV a few years back so don't know if this Bundy/Govt conflict is being shown on media networks. More Americans need to know about this otherwise it could be another Waco.

What I find appalling is the Governor of Nevada is not interceding. I wish they'd yell to the Governor for help in these videos and have signs requesting his presence; I don't even know his name. He made perfunctory objections to govt's antics but that's for show otherwise he's not feeling his sovereignty over federal govt. I think he should have sent some National Guardsmen to the site to back the Bundy people, along with a Sheriff or two.

Of course it's easy to quarterback from my couch; frankly, I'm scared sh*tless of what's coming. I just bought 5/8" plywood sheet to protect two doors in my home from kick ins, at least it will give me time to lock and load.

Okay, I just spent 30 minutes writing Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval an email expressing my disappointment that neither his name nor his representatives were present at Bundy Ranch to support him and protestors. Every little bit helps I hope.
God bless all Libertarians and trumpet players.