Comment: Trying to be a successful failure

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Trying to be a successful failure

I'm a big disappointment to my family and my wife.

Had a big degree and career, but gave it up.

Gave up the family religion.

Couldn't handle doing what didn't make sense, but few can understand.

Have a simple job and a simple life. Just going day by day, growing food, burning wood to stay warm.

Relatives keep quizzing me to figure out why I'm not "trying to live up to my full potential".

Brother is going to build a big house after all his kids are gone, paid for by business that serves government subsidized farmers. Other brother has millions in real estate, which he got through his and wife's government jobs. BIL has condos in Caribbean paid for by his home health care business that rips off Medicare.

All about getting more stuff. They laugh at my old car. They keep up with fashion, while I wear what's comfortable.

I am an embarrassment, but don't really care any more.