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thats not personal experience

That is second hand experiences.
I have worked 12 -16 hours a day for over 25 years,and during this time,i smoked every day, and I still do.
I was a designer of pulper rotors,but this wasn't my job, I was just the operator of the pulpers. The rotors i designed put out double the amount of pulp in 24 hours,than the ones that were used and sold.
When the bobcat REPS came around to sell another bobcat,I was the one who helped design that machime,and that design is still used today.
In my garage I built the working platform for the DR mowers,this design was later stolen,and that machine is what you see nowadays...but it was mine !
i accumulated enough hours and points to retire early,so I had enough time in to retire at the age of 45
So you can say what you will about your friends,but do not include me,as it does not apply,nor will it ever.

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression