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+1 appreciation points.

I continue to find your insight profound.

Ultimately, you present a choice. Will an individual CHOOSE to figure out how to expand the pie and appreciate life and that which is life reaffirming?

Or will one claim a right to others' output and labor to gain "a place to be"?

While you present an objective question, I will speak subjectively for a moment from my personal opinion, for better or worse. Life itself and that which is life affirming is the objective. "Quality of life" which the Op, Smudge, seems to speak to is subjective. One's view of marginal cost/utility differs from another's.

For example: Smugde wants "a place to be" for himself and presumably others. While that's very nice, and I might be inclined to oblige him (or not), I value being left alone more highly. Who is right?