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As difficult as it is...

more life can be supported with intelligent cooperation than all against all. That's why the intelligent cooperate to lock up the people who can't play by these rules. Most of us do better by conforming to the law, of cooperation than we would in a world of competing gangs (the pre-property world of tribes - killing each other regularly despite abundance all around them.)

No matter how unfair it often feels, no matter how small the pie is for you if you make some wrong decisions. And boy, it feels 10x as bad if you think you ought to have more because of your brilliance (in effect, granting that you ought to have more because of your intelligence.)

But these are just practical realities. There's no guarantee in the long run that market competition will provide the best lot in life to most people. It's possible the world will just become so crowded that only a minority can live well at all. Things could revert to a zero sum game if the economic value of a marginal individual falls to zero or below subsistence. If that happens, then the interest of most people will be in successfully stealing from others or in joining the winning political group.

This all presupposes that the natural world is all there is and morality is to serve the interests of humans.