Comment: I am skeptical of most everything

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I am skeptical of most everything

Especially modern writers and ideas. I try not to be skeptical in a dismissive way. I try to be skeptical in a 'show me more, I'm not quite convinced' way.

I'm only positive in outlook. I try to avoid being around negativity. I know how to turn negative into positive regarding situations, even the worst kind.

I am a specialist in the oil and gas industry. I make more than anyone I know. I could care less. Capitalism is nothing but a game. Wealth is nothing but an illusion.

I have self-studied history as a hobby since I was 8 and first read Wallis Budge's texts on ancient Egyptians.

I became a political activist the day I discovered Dr. Paul via Infowars and began occasionally lurking on the DP four years ago.

My favorite contributor on the DP? Smudge Pot.

My least favorite? Anyone who stifles free discussion.

I plan to retire in Peru or Chile, living next to the ocean, enjoying my sailboat and combing through Mayan traces. I plan to retire early.