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Hey, hey, hey...

I can relate. I went six years of college to get a music major, which ended as a minor due to my stubbornness in completing the thesis assignment the "Dean of Musique" required. I gave up six years of musical study in order to maintain my principle that my studies would be wasted on a stupid research paper rather than a public performance of my works. You know what...who cares! I studied what I loved and whether or not my degree gets me in the door to another position is irrelevant, however my family would disagree.

I wear the holiest clothes around, just ask my wife. In fact, the t-shirt I'm wearing is separating at the neck and the armpits are blown out completely...who cares!

When you meet your end just remember this: you are taking a ride that absolutely forbids baggage...the material things are absolutely, in the end, pointless.

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