Comment: Viet Nam and Biology

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Viet Nam and Biology

"Dėjà vu" is a word I never heard until the Viet Nam war. I assume soldiers brought it home with them (the French were there before us).

I do think the feeling is the biological message of "I've been here before" or "familiarity" and that you experience it all the time, but that sometimes you feel it -- but also doubt it's true.

Sometimes it is true and sometimes it's that feeling, without justification.

"Familiarity" is not the only feeling that can be experienced biologically without justification: I encountered a man who, it was clear, really believed the world was going to end "tomorrow." I mean, he believed it with his whole being.

I imagine that having good nutrition, and balancing one's hormones and stress levels, are all good remedies when it happens too often.

I often wonder why it is that drunks think they're having fun.

What do you think?