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Deja Vu

I have had them all my life (I'm 46). As I got older they increased in their power and frequency. Finally they became so strong that I started to have petit mal seizures at the tail end of the Deja Vu experience. I started taking antiseizure medication about 8 years ago and no longer have the Deja Vu or seizures. I still feel that the Deja Vu triggers
the seizure and that they are two separate events in the same part of the brain. Not that the Deja Vu is just part of the petit mal seizure as many believe. It's as though my brain creates the seizure to prevent my mind from truly understanding the Deja Vu.

I have started to call family and friends. I am asking them to donate $25 for my Christmas gift. If we can all do this we will raise a bunch more money.