Comment: The "Feds Recognize it as His Property" is half correct

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The "Feds Recognize it as His Property" is half correct

...or should I say;
"half of the story".
Bundy, in an interview today, explained how he had been paying for the "grazing rights" to the STATE of NEVADA.
So...the only "recognition" of his "ownership" resides within the legality of his possession of "grazing rights" which granted a sort of "exclusive right" to that "property.
Since he paid his grazing-rights fees to the STATE of NEVADA, and the land being "public property of the State", Bundy has asserted that the Federal Government has no jurisdiction.
He asserts that he does not recognize their authority...only the State of Nevada.
"Whatever rights, not granted to the Federal Government, or to the states, are held by the people"; this is his Constitutional "viewpoint" regarding this.
During the course of his "exclusive grazing rights", the property has been "claimed" by various FEDERAL "Alphabet Agencies", and each for a different reason....with most agencies unaware of the other's agenda, until now.....Fracking?....sounds about right.
If you're wondering what the backhoe is needed for?
(the one inquired about in the video)
ANSWER: To "load" the cattle into the dump-truck, and then to bury their carcasses in the desert.....along with all the tortoises they are also killing.
They must dispose of the carcasses....cover the crimes.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!