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a comment by JTCyote explains...

...from the Harry Reid's Connection Post by JO4RP at

I'm going to iterate this one more time in hopes that one of the guys or gals there in the Bunker will see it and check it out.

"Alex and all...

Stop calling it federally owned land.

It is not federally owned... it is federally protected public land!

Under the Constitution, the feds can only own 100 square miles as a center of administration, and small tracts purchased or donated by the states that can be shown as necessary to the administration of Constitutional federal jurisdiction.

Besides, the land being stolen by the feds here is land that is held by the state of Nevada! The feds have absolutely NO jurisdiction other than by contract to patrol it for the state ...The Nevada governor for his inaction should be impeached, and the sheriff of the county should be Arrested as an accessory to grand theft!"