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I have to say that I don't

I have to say that I don't see rejection of Rand here at the DP. I see that Michael is tired of his baby being infiltrated by people who hate and argue over EVERYTHING. Rand seems to me to be a point of contention that he just doesn't feel he has the energy to deal with and I don't blame him. Personally I like Rand. I've supported him in all my posts here and donated to his campaign (but not as much as I did to Ron's).

Even now, I'm certain I can start a post about Rand and what he's up to without angering the Michael but if that post becomes a topic that causes the nest to swarm, I think he just is fed up with dealing with all the playground spats and might put some kids in detention.

Anyway, I've been on both forums since the beginning (same username) and I will continue on both as long as they are active.

Thanks for everything Michael. I am always glad to count you as my friend.

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