Comment: Liberty Rising in Massachusetts!!!

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Liberty Rising in Massachusetts!!!

C4L and ETLC are really ramping up the fight against Common Core in Massachusetts. (Full disclosure: I work with both ETLC and C4L in Mass)

The fight against Common Core in Massachusetts is strong and our success in defeating Common Core can have profound affect on the larger battle. Common Core proponents NEED Massachusetts on board. Massachusetts, through its own local control of education, has been ranked the #1 state in the country by leaps and bounds. Massachusetts also ranks 3-4 internationally. Massachusetts' success is exactly because of local control of education. Our success stands on its on merits, and in direct defiance of federally controlled education. Massachusetts is the trophy common core proponents require on their mantle piece. Lets take it back!!!

Representative Jim Lyons' budget amendment will FULLY DEFUND COMMON CORE IN MASSACHUSETTS. Lets get the word out and help support Jim Lyons' Amendment #67 to H.4000 - An Amendment in Defense of Local Education

Some more background on Massachusetts and Common Core can be seen in this video produced by Common Core opposition group "Educate Through Local Control" (ETLC)