Comment: call me naive--

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call me naive--

but where did this man (Randy Weaver) ever proclaim his beliefs?

I've only 'heard'/'read' that he is/was a white supremacist. I've become concerned that this might have been merely an accusation by the MSM in order to neutralize sympathy for what happened to this family.

Even in this letter by Spence, Weaver doesn't proclaim his beliefs.

Yes, I am aware that there are (by hearsay) white supremacists in northern Idaho, but his being there; is that enough?

I would have to see where this man, himself, in his own documented words, proclaimed his political/religious beliefs.

It's feeling like a red herring to me. Especially since he was in special forces. He's feeling (Weaver) like a 'patsy' to me.

And, no, I have no sympathy for neo-nazism or any kind of supremacy.

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