Comment: I left this response for this

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I left this response for this

I left this response for this condescending douche bag on You Tube:

What an idiot! "A constitutional govt. like the one we have..."

Since when has this govt. been constitutional in its scope? While you're laboring over this point, reread the 9th and 10th Amendments. This country was founded on Libertarian philosophy. "That govt. which governs least governs best." Sorry, it wasn't Timothy McVeigh that said that. Libertarianism is about LIMITED government, not NO government, and certainly not about the all powerful, centralized, command and control government you are apparently for!

Libertarians believe that a person has a right to do whatever he wants as long as he doesn't infringe on the rights of another. FREEDOM! What 5 year old is concerned with the rights of his fellow 5 year old. Very stupid reasoning (or lack of) on your part!

The camera was commercially introduced in 18(FUCKING)39, asshole! WAY before Socialized Insecurity(1935), the Civil Rights Act(1964), the Federal Reserve (1913), Medicare (1966), ADA (1990). Wow, you are so completely full of shit, I don't even have to destroy you. You destroy yourself!

Emotions and appeal to the fashionable or popular is all you've got going for you. You certainly don't have "reason" on your side! Love your appeal to "fair". "Fair" for who? Who is the arbiter of "fair"? You were probably one of the zombies shouting "yes we can" and "change" which heralded in our fine, young prophet/messiah. Well, how have things been going since then? This nation has been in unfettered economic decline, Guantanamo is still open. And that health care thing you boneheads all thought was going to be free? How's that going? Not to mention civil liberties, the NSA scandal, now obama's weaponized the IRS, the EPA, the FBI and other federal bureaucracies against his political enemies. As a Libertarian, I think a good half of these agencies shouldn't even exist. The rest should be seriously neutered.

And finally, in the end, you betray yourself as just another pompous Occupy Douche Bag who hates anyone who's better off than he is. "Better that we have a government that looks out for us from on high, and keeps us safe from all those evil rich people. The all-knowing, all-seeing, arbiter of what is fair".

To which I respond: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Cuba, Communist China, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea. All nations that put the state above the people supposedly for the common good. How many millions died at the hands of the over-reaching governments listed above? Do a little research and do the math. Seriously, I don't expect you to.

I'll take my chances with a Libertarian society any day.