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I agree

The only problem is we don't "use NAP all the time," unless we equivocate its meaning. As it is normally defined, attached to a radical property theory that has no link to our present law or its historical development, we don't use it at all.

Our laws and our behavior have nothing to do with the property theory of Rothbard or any other anarchist.

While its true that most of us don't practice violence ourselves, for whatever reasons (disposition, fear of the legal repercussions, some other morality, etc.), this is true within the context of our actual laws, which have nothing to do with NAP.

NAP is not just being personally non-violent. The would remove from it a specific definition of property, which is necessary for the term, since it applies not just to bodies, but to what we justly own.

NAP contains within its premises about property rights an integral system of law follows therefrom. If force is restricted only to self defense and what one legitimately owns, this implies a particular property theory.

Since NAP has a radial heterodox theory of property that has no correlate in law and practice or history, then we do not ever practice NAP, so defined.

You may say that our current legal framework shares some overlap with the NAP, as we imagine it would be in practice, but that doesn't mean any of us adhere to NAP. Just because two systems might have overlap doesn't mean we adhere to NAP now in some proportional sense. The average adherent of Marxist was also non violence and respected others space and possessions. That doesn't means he was 80% NAP lol. Principles don't work that way.

If NAP is stripped of its specific property theory of what one "owns justly," then a Marxist with his theory of property would also practice NAP. Non aggression against justly owned property could be applied to any theory of property.

Since in the real world we don't apply the Rothbard theory in our behavior, since most people generally accept the need for some government and taxes, therefore we do not at all use NAP.