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The problem with the infinite universe theory

Is that infinity does not exist anywhere in the observeable universe. It neither exists in nature nor can infinity be relied upon for any sound basis in science. For example what is infinity minus infinity? You end up with a paradox and self contradictory answers. Most scientists today regardless of philosophical background agree that the universe came into being at a point in time, thus it had a beginning and therefore the universe must have an initial cause to bring about it's existance. That cause must be outside of the material universe, be changless, timeless, and un-caused. In my previous post I bring up the fact universally agreed upon by theists and atheists scientists alike, namely that the creation of the universe has been fine tuned. So fine tuned that the possibility of a universe being formed like ours that is capable of supporting intelligent life simply by chance alone is so astronomically high that athiest scientists had to conjure up the multiverse theory to try and explain it. The problems with the multiverse theory are abundent and is being abandoned in the scientific community. The fact that the universe which does exists that we live in, is SO fine tuned in the manner which it exists today strongly supports the theory of intelligent design. Athiest scientists have offered no compelling argument against it. Indeed the fine tuned universe discovered in modern times is one of the most recent magnificent and compelling evidences for God's existance. Intelligent people should keep an open mind because God does exist and desires a relationship with mankind. If people would only stop hardening their hearts against God, and stop living this brief life on earth to satisfy the lusts of their earthly boddies and stop doing evil. God's promise of eternal life through his beloved Son Jesus of Nazareth is real. The documented life of Jesus is one of the greatest ancient historical records in existance. And is more reliable in the form of the written historical gospel accounts than ANY other ancient event documented. God says to draw near to him and he will draw near to you. Do it today and your life will be changed like mine was.