Comment: I am a NH native,

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I am a NH native,

having lived in Wyoming for the last 15 years. This article is true. All of it. Yes, one can drive to Boston from where I lived in NH, but it takes the same time to drive through all that traffic as it does to drive to Denver from where I live now, even though it is 150 miles further, because there literally is never much traffic. In fact, the only traffic jam I have ever seen, is on back roads that are open range, the jam being cows crossing the road. As to the comment on small town gossip, etc, NH was worse, by far, because more people in NH have never left, and considered outsiders from other states "foreigners". Wyoming does have a few of those, however, but most are from other states.
We were stopped by a cop the other day, (license plate was missing from being blown off by the wind, which is the only downfall), and he was so kind, just didn't want us to get stopped again, and I gave him my business card, and he is hiring me to redo his truck seat.
A friend of mine is a cop, and he is going around the state giving "concealed carry classes", so we can all concealed carry in this state. He is also running for sheriff, and promises to kick out the Feds if they are messing in this county.
As to the isolation, we live off grid, 27 miles from town, and I know more people here than I ever knew in NH. I know every one of my neighbors in a 10 square mile area. I meet people constantly, in my home and in theirs, in my business.
We left for reasons of poverty and I don't do well without sunshine, which NH has little. None of my vehicles ever would pass NH inspection, and we didn't want to buy a home, and pay a mortgage payment for the rest of our lives, which is what the real estate tax would be close to. Here there is no inspection, and the taxes on our gorgeous 37 acres with two homes is 628.00 per year.
We barely see any evidence of a poor economy here either.