Comment: The Empire That Never Died...

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The Empire That Never Died...

I have only recently posted this in a comment on another article here on the Daily Paul. I apologize for the repetition but the aforementioned article was one that presented a project driven by Holistic Management International (HMI).

This group - (HMI) - so blatantly reflects all of the hallmarks of a program driven by Agenda 21 and the lucrative funding that flows from it's framework, yet it received a positive reception right here on the Daily Paul.

For proof of this you have only to look at their own website which states:

"HMI has Proudly Served These Clients"

And in the list resides: United Nations Environmental Programme along with many other institutions, NGOs and foundations of the same vein.

Now, having explained my repeated post I would like to provide you with a link that could clarify something. It is a short book that contains the beginnings of what may well have set the philosophical foundations for this system. (it is by no means the beginning but I feel it is one of the books that will lead you - like myself - closer to the root)...

Bertrand Russell (3rd Earl Russell, OM, FRS), who in a book containing a series of his lectures on the subject entitled "THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY" sets out what he feels would be required in order to accomplish a scientifically organized world government dictatorship.

It really is quite a read:

This book is based upon lectures originally given at
Ruskin College, Oxford, England.

Three of these - Chapter I, "Science and Tradition," Chapter II, "General Effects of Scientific Techniques," and Chapter VI, "Science and Values" - were subsequently repeated at Columbia University, New York, and published by the Columbia University Press.

None of the other chapters have been published before in the United States.

The last chapter in the present book, "Can a Scientific Society be Stable?" was the Lloyd Roberts Lecture given at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.[this one is a doozy, so if you feel the whole book is too much skip down to this one, but remember that context is always important for understanding the whole]

This short but insightful book is available to download here:,%20illu...